Technology Transfer

We stem from a “New Materials” Development Background, having served various industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Computing, Electronics, Home Appliances, Machine and Plant Engineering, Lighting Systems, Medicare, Nuclear Surveillance, enhanced Oil Recovery, Power Generation, Public Transportation Systems, etc.

Most System breakdowns in technical installations originate from deteriorating bonding of different materials used in assemblies, contacting or packaging, induced by thermo cyclic stresses and/or mechanical vibrations. Especially increasing density of functional integrations has been driving never ending demands in further enhancing material solutions for the various applications.

The challenges from thermal stresses can be overcome by different approaches or any combination from e.g.:

-    matching coefficients of expansions of interfacing materials

-    improving thermo- conductivity of materials

-    applying reliable high efficiency cooling

Efficiency is probably the keyword as such! Did you know, that ~58% of our wolrd energy consumption of ~100Quads/year is wasted already at the level of our consumption of end user supply? Not to speak about the further wasted energy from e.g. poor thermo insulations of buildings, adverse operation modes of combustion motor cars or laptops heating your lap to almost glow, etc.

Guo – Business Development has taken up the mission to contribute its founders vast experience across the diversity of application sectors his former company had been servicing, towards better and cleaner use of natural resources.

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