A biorefinery concept is proposed to well utilize biomass to generate an intermediate that could be used for clean fuels by further processing. It is realized by using thermal decomposition of biomass into methane, which is the abovesaid intermediate for the further refinery process for the upgrade to Hydrogen (H2) and Carbon Nanotube (nC) by Catalytic Chemical Vapor Deposition (CCVD) via thermo-splitting.

It provides an alternative to today’s problem of underuse of biomass available for energy use, since the state-of-art is misinterpreting the intermediate biogas (methane containing) as an ultimate goal for the concept of Waste to Energy, indeed we should further process and upgrade it to high value energy carrier instead of directly using biogas in a subsidized competition to Natural or unconventional gas. Our method of H2 production could be de-centralized and offers more freedom in delivery from the refinery station to the fuel station which in return beneficial to the development opportunity for the clean fuel vehicles like Fuel Cell Vehicles.