Hydrogen Economy

Hydrogen is the cleanest fuel available and the highest energy content/mass. However, until recently a lot of prejudice about the safety of its use and awkwardness to store and transport have been limiting its use. But from various developments in bio-fuels and plant-oil improvements hydrogenation of organic liquids has become state of the art Technology.

High density heat transfer heat exchangers with catalysts have demonstrated to desorb hydrogen from highly platformed organic liquids into gaseous state again. Current achievements lie at 5%wt Hydrogen storage capacity of such Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers [LOHC], bringing such concepts up to a similar level of tank-size per vehicle range like CNG powered cars.

Guo – Business Development has collected current state of the art documentation in this field and you will be astonished, how many national and international programs are already working on the implementation of field structures for Hydrogen economy.