guó 际  shall bring Asia closer to Europe’s entrepreneurs

国     [guó]      is the Chinese word for “Nation”

and phonetically in English sounds
like the imperative:
GO !… and do something

际        [jì]        is the Chinese word for “Border”


My name is Stefan PETTERS,
often abbreviated to [STEP]

So I would like to inspire you to GO and STEP-up beyond your Borders by taking your business International (in Chinese: 国际[guójì])

Stefan Petters

Stefan Petters

Comprehensive thinking, discipline, power of will and patience accurately describe the personal profile of Stefan Petters. As a manager, he is best described by his dialog oriented team-leader approach. In addition he has in depth knowledge and experience in project- as well as knowledge-managment. He also has broad experience in the design of process-flow of activities.

Intercultural and social skills and competence enhance the expertise of Stefan Petters.

guó – previous achievements and milestones

  • 2004 - 2008 Local presence and networking activities increased business in Asia (sixfold) and multiplied turnover in Asia (tenfold) by founding subsidiaries in Hongkong and Japan, installation of subcontracting in China and Japan, as well as factory acquisition in Malaysia
  • 2003 - 2004 Strategic growth of Electrovac by acquisition and integration of the leading competitor curamik electronics GmbH taking and securing world-market leadership in the filed of ceramic circuit boards
  • 1997 - 1999 Setup of a 100% - US subsidiary (ETC) for the handling of US sales, plus production planning, contral and supervision of an implemented subcontract manufacturing arrangement

Public Recognitions & Honors of Stefan Petters

  • 2008   Second price in Nano Technology Innovation awarded by Austrian Nano Awards
  • 2003 - 2007  Member of Board of Educational Advisory Council / University of Lower Austria (AUT)
  • 1996  Austrian National Award for Innovation for the development of an O2 sensor
  • 1995  Award for Innovation for the sponsorship of a diploma thesis (Dr. Holzer, synthetic diamond), awarded by the Austrian Research Auxiliary Funds


Incite Certification

guo - Buiness Development holds incite certification for consulting in internationalization.