Management Consulting

Business Development Consult

  • Industrial structures are moving new places. Historically successful local businesses are challenged to follow where the markets (their existing and/or potential future customers) are moving (next).
  • In lack of International Groups’ resources, SMEs have to develop global presences by rolling out their locally proven success-factors thinking globally but acting locally.
  • I have developed a multi-portfolio SME to such a “glocal” player and could safe you from having to learn by burning the same lessons I did!

Contents of Consulting

What I could do for your company

  • Fitness check-up of company organization
  • assessment of potential networks abroad
  • identify / evaluate potential co-operation (up to subcontracting) partners in target territories
  • check if qualification and infrastructure profile match
  • implement cross time-zone workflow models and balanced global information management structures
  • help implement structured management of measure


guó - Fitnesscheck

Diagnose and Analyse

  • organization diagnostics
  • evaluate working structures
  • assess potentials
  • benchmarking of intellectual property
  • ABC / 80%20 focus assessment
  • total process cost checks


Implement Improvement

  • develop concepts
  • implement information management structures
  • outline Technology development projects
  • Design Technology transfer project - workflow
  • make quality and availability of information independent from location


guó - International (on controlled risk)

One STEP after the other:

  • present export propositions to target key-customers
  • find out the needs and desires of those customers
  • design concepts to gradually build-up local presence
  • shape the working environment abroad
  • mentor intercultural relations and negotiations
  • evaluate Contract Manufacturing arrangements
  • Licensing out (or in) Technology to sell at least one’s products’ “intelligence content”
  • set- and start- up proprietary foreign subsidiaries