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MSW-residue & Coal Co-Gasification in lieu of Incineration

Direct biomass gasification and chemical municipal waste treatment appear to share scale of economy orders of magnitude. Actually this may relate to similar logistic implications. Also the mean calorific value and range of mix in quality of fuel fractions deem to provide synergies in use of similar technical solutions. Indeed there can be seen several initiatives across Europe and North America, where alternatives to incineration have been based on different gasification Technologies. Also at TU Vienna various fuel mixes had been investigated in Fast Internal Circulating Fluidized Bed Gasification, confirming potential synergies between biomass and MSW residues.

Of course waste is a very local issue and can vary in its composition widely, depending on the local population’s income, nutrition habits and degree of formalization in the waste remediation sector. Since this conference is collaboration between China’s and Austria’s scientific academic capacities in the field of Gasification, we would like to bring up some aspects of possible application of Austrian Technology potentially able to meet specific needs of China in the field of MSW treatment.

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