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Distributed Hydrogen from MSW derived Synthesis Gas

 Together with the scientific sector of New Energy Technologies in Austria we have developed a feasibility validated model of Carbon Recycling by leveraging Secondary Resource Efficiency of Organic Wastes. Results proved our proprietary “CARBON CAPTURE for USE [CCU] BIO-REFINERY TECHNOLOGY” to unlock financial self-sufficiency of Waste Management. By integrating several state of the art Technologies from other sectors into the CCU Bio-Refinery a Synthesis Gas Platform can be created, offering multiple downstream Chemical Synthesis Product opportunities. Amongst various Gas to Liquid fuels, organic acids or alcohols also pure Hydrogen or other Hydrogen Compounds could be generated. Such new industrial level plane fields can increase local purchase power through supply of energy from regional closed loop circular economy and mitigate long haul distribution transports. Looking at logistic constraints of MSW Management and distribution challenges in Hydrogen re-fueling infrastructures there may be synergies between the two areas. Since organic residues from MSW are already representing atmospheric Carbon Stock, any fuels derived from them as a secondary resource abates further fossil primary resource import from former ages into our era. 

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