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4th Global Green Economy Prosperity Forum

IGEA’s 4th Global Green Prosperity Forum was held at the National Convention Center in Beijing from August 23-25, 2013. The theme of this year’s forum was “Towards Eco-Civilization – The Green Transformation of the Global Economy and the Road to Business Development”. Our Executive Chairman, Mr. Stefan Petters gave a presentation on the topic of "Doubling energy efficiency and cleaning emissions of decentralized 100-150MW coal power stations". 

The Future Energy Technologies group at the University Technology Vienna, Austria developed over the last decade accelerated transformation of poor carbonaceous solid fuels into energy rich product gas by steam driven dual fluidized bed gasification [SD-DFBG]. Although so far only industrialized for high energy efficiency use of biomass the suitability of SD-DFBG was further experimentally proven for cheap low-grade coals, often showing a wide range of particle sizes and ash loads. Dual Fluidized-Bed [DFB] gasification technologies utilize a combustion zone (which provides the energy for gasification) separated from the gasification zone. By circulating a bed material between these two reactors, the heat from the combustion reactor is carried to the gasification reactor. Using steam as a gasification agent allows process adjustments to actual fuel qualities via optimum steam-to-fuel and steam-to-carbon ratios. SD-DFBG is therefore a fuel-flexible technology capable of delivering a normalized high-quality product gas output.

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